Paperback and Identity Sorting

At last, the paperback version of A Spark of Justice is available on Amazon. Like the ebook version, it was first attributed to a different author who shares my name. I got that sorted out easily enough, but the recommendations still show books by the other author. Hopefully that will change as more people buy my book in conjunction with other books of a similar genre.

So, the pages were listed separately instead of having the toggle on one book page for prefered medium. I sent a request and that’s being sorted out too. As of today, if you click on the ebook page you only get the paperback option. I’ve been assured that it will all be right within three days. Fingers crossed, because I have a Countdown Deal scheduled from 23rd September.

I will be very patient and watch the page for those three days, then I panic because today, no one can order the ebook! It should be fixed in plenty of time, but fingers crossed!

Meanwhile the next book is in progress. It would be really cool to have it out for Christmas, but I’m not making any promises. Rushing writing leads to mistakes and lightweight stories. I want this one to have intricate subplots and a lot of suspense. It takes how long it takes. I promise it will be good!


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