KDP Select

So, I’ve been experimenting with KDP Select to see what Amazon’s tools can do. It seems that Kindle Unlimited reads can be worthwhile. The exclusivity is a pain and I almost opted out this round, but I think one Christmas season is in order to make a complete experiment of it.

Front200Of course I’m not that visible yet due to only having one book out. I wish I had all day every day to write because I’m constantly running aspects of my next stories through my head and time to write it all down is competing with making a living. Work slavery is a big challenge to the newer writer.

I’m not complaining though. I have the same advantages as anyone else in the Western world. I just have to keep plodding along and get the writing done. The multiple layers of the next story take longer to write and I want to make it good.

If you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited, please do give A Spark of Justice a read. It’s a fun story, I promise! Then imagine a darker story done ten times better and watch for my next release to come out. It may not be fast, but it will be my best effort to date. I want it to stick in the minds of you, the readers. The first one was my own self-indulgence. This one is for you!


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