I don’t believe any author who says they don’t read reviews of their books.

Having expressed my scepticism on that, I’ve actually neglected to look at reviews on Amazon for quite a while. Life’s distractions just took my mind off of it.

Imagine my joy when I had a look today and found twelve reviews on A Spark of Justice! I know it’s not the hundreds that some well-known books get, but after giving away review copies and allowing my publisher to put it up on the LibraryThing Early Reviewer program, the lack of reviews that showed up for quite a while became discouraging. So, it seems that it just takes time.

Even better, the reviews were generally positive! There was one three star review that pointed out where there was room for improvement, but mostly four and five star reviews. This one was very long and detailed. It really made my day!

So, while I will always strive to make my future stories better and take on board any comments that have appeared in reviews, I’m pleased with the reception A Spark of Justice has got so far. The question is, how shall I go about sharing it with more readers?

Well, the most effective way seems to be to put it on sale. So, A Spark of Justice will be reduced to 0.99 in the US and UK from November 3rd to November 6th. A full weekend to grab your copy of an entertaining circus mystery! Why do I say it’s entertaining when I can’t possibly be objective? Because I have it on the best authority; the readers who have generously taken the time to write their opinions on Amazon. To all of you, I say Thank-You!

More big cat adventures are to come soon. Stick with me, I want to take the time to make it as good as it can be.