Another Sale

Well, I’ve left myself totally unprepared this time, but there’s another sale this weekend.

The price will stay down through Monday, then I will be reassessing whether to stay exclusive with Amazon or move on to wider distribution. I’ve heard a lot of authors join KDP Select for a while with new releases and then take them out of the program and offer it in other formats and with other retailers. It sounds like a sensible plan.

I’m still slowly working on the next book. It seems to take a long time, but most authors with only a book or two behind them have to work a day job.

Writing is not a profession that offers an easy ride. Making enough money to give up gainful employment takes a lot of output and more time spent on marketing than I’ve managed so far. I should have had this weekend sale listed weeks ago!

The irony is that I could happily sit down and read this book myself this weekend. It’s just the sort of light entertainment that could take a man’s mind off some of the awful stuff happening in the world.


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